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Embryo transfer services

The Trans-Bio laboratories have all the necessary equipment  for fertility tests, transport or freezing of semen, as well as harvest, freezing and sexing of embryos.



Fresh or frozen embryo transfer

With more than 25 years of expertise in the field of embryo transfer, the procedure consist of flushing and transfering embryo into a surrogate mare.  The center ensures that quality recipients are always available.



Why use embryo transfer services?  

Some infertile mares due to an accident or an injury are unable to carry foal to term.  With this technique, it is possible for surrogate mare to provide offsprings from infertile mare and high potential performance mare.


Three Times What with her three foals, born from different recipient mares,  all in 2002.


Frozen embryos

Freezing embryos offer the possibility of optimize the reproduction potential of the same brood mare and offers the possibility to transfer embryos in recipient mares early into the breeding season.



Embryo micromanipulation

With constant interaction with  the researchers studying embryo transfer and equine reproduction, Trans-Bio has successfully tested new approaches, such as sexing  equine embryo, developped in 1998.



Shipped embryos

We offer all services concerning embryo shipment.  We are members of the International Embryo Transfer Association and Canadian Embryo transfer Association.  Our laboratories are also accredited for the export of equine semen by Canadian Inspection Food agency. With more than 25 years of embryo transfer we have worldwide contacts and expertise necessary to import and export semen and embryos.